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Drive Costa Rica. Jeep Tour

Day 1

- Please Note: This is a self-guided, non-escorted tour. A representative will be at Daniel Oduber International Airport, waiting to meet you and will bring a Daihatsu BEGO 4WD that you will use for a total of 7 days. Later you will take a road that leads to Nuevo Arenal Area, specifically to Eco-Lodge (approximately 2 hours driving time), where you will stay for the next 2 nights. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at Eco-Lodge.

Day 2

- Today enjoy the day at leisure. Take some optional tours or enjoy the facilities that this great property offers. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at Eco-Lodge. Коста Рика

Day 3

- After a delicious breakfast you will depart from this beautiful area to the Arenal Area (approximately 1 hour driving time), specifically to Arenal Paraíso Hotel, for a stay of one night. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at Arenal Paraíso Hotel.

About Arenal Area: The climate in the region goes a long way in making the northern plains so special. Misty cloud forest environments, verdant rolling hills and a fantastically fast lake make the region a must on any visit to Costa Rica. A striking characteristic of this area is the dramatic contrast in topography. The Cordilleras, or ranges, of Tilarán and Guanacaste offset the beauty of the Guatuzos, San Carlos and Tortuguero Plains. Several small and medium-sized rivers that range throughout the plains make the region very fertile. The residents have fruit trees, rice paddies and practice cattle ranching, yet there are many expanses of protected areas dotting the region. Of the 850 bird species identified in Costa Rica, 600 are permanent residents in this region. Don't forget the binoculars! 

About Arenal Volcano: It rises 1,633 meters above sea level and casts an almost flawless silhouette on the land below it. Arenal's last explosion was in 1969 but this volcano is far from dormant. Its constant rumblings are Arenal's most popular characteristic. Often spewing ash and smoke, the volcano provides a striking backdrop for photographs and video. There are several excellent look out points along the highway and several resorts and spas that have developed in the area. After nightfall the spectacle of Arenal's bright red lava coursing its way down from the cone is an awesome sight indeed. Many visitors to the area enjoy the show from the luxurious surroundings of a local hot springs resort.

Day 4

- After breakfast depart from this beautiful area to the Monteverde Area (approximately 4 hours driving time), specifically to De Lucia Inn, for the next 2 nights. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at De Lucia Inn.

About Monteverde Area: One of the most famous nature reserves in Costa Rica was founded by a dairy community of Quakers and Costa Ricans about 40 years ago, and even today the excellent cheeses of Monteverde are still made there. The Tropical Science Center now administers the cloud forest reserve, which is full of greenery and home to many rare species of plants and animals. A walk through the forest gives visitors a deep appreciation of nature's delicate and astonishing balancing act. Horseback riding is available, and excursions to El Trapiche, a small old-fashioned sugar processing operation, the Santa Elena Rain Forest Reserve, the Reserva Sendero Tranquilo, the Monteverde Conservation League's Bajo del Tigre Trail, and the Monteverde Butterfly Garden should be included in any visit to the area.

CASEM, a women's cooperative, offers incredibly designed and beautifully made handicrafts. The road to Monteverde from the international highway can be somewhat bumpy, dusty and warm, but taken in stride, without hurry, you can see a variety of birds along the way and the change in habitats as one ascends up into the mountains.

Day 5

- Today enjoy the day at leisure. Take some optional tours or enjoy the facilities that this great property offers. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at De Lucia Inn. 

Day 6

- After breakfast you will depart from this beautiful area to the Guanacaste Area (approximately three 3 hours driving time), specifically to Flamingo Beach Hotel, for the next 2 nights. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at Flamingo Beach Hotel.

About This Area: The name Guanacaste comes from the Indian word quahnacaztlan, that means "the place near the ear trees". The national tree that grows in this region has seeds that come in a peculiar package that has the form of an ear. Guanacaste's climate is in total contrast to the rest of the country. For the half of the year, November through April, the plains and rolling hills receive no rain. Here the dry season usually lingers slightly longer than elsewhere in Costa Rica, but in wet season, everything turns green and the air is freshly scented. 

The Guanacaste-Nicoya region was the center of a vibrant pre-Columbian culture- the Chorotegas. Descended from the Olmecas of Mexico, they had arrived in Costa Rica around the 8th century and soon established themselves as the most advanced cultures in what would be Costa Rica. They alone, for example, developed art and writing schools. Their culture was centered on milpas and cornfields. Today many of their stone metates are on display in the National Museum in San Jose. Elaborately carved with turtles, crocodiles, monkeys and jaguars, these kind of figures and different forms show the strength of their culture. No region of Costa Rica displays its cultural heritage as overtly as does Guanacaste. The culture owes much to the blending of Spanish and Chorotega.

The campesino life revolves around the horse and cattle ranch, here sabaneros, which may be cowboys in North America, are really common. Guanacaste has been called Costa Rica's Wild West. Here nothing is cheered more than the corridas de toros (a kind of bullfight) and topes, the region's colorful horse parades in which the Guanacastecos show their groomed horses and their footwork. The coast is indented with bays, peninsulas, and warm sandy beaches that are some of the least visited, least accessible, and yet most beautiful in the country.

Day 7

- Today enjoy the day at leisure. Take some optional tours or enjoy the facilities that this great property offers. Lunch and Dinner on own. Overnight at Flamingo Beach Hotel.

Day 8

- This day you will take the way that leads to the Daniel Oduber International Airport, where you will drop off the car rented.


Eco-Lodge: This is the most satisfying experience that an adventure and nature lover can enjoy in Costa Rica. It is located at the private biological reserve of Coter Lake near Arenal, surrounded by forests and a spectacular View of the Coter Lake. Facilities: The Eco-Lodge consists Of 37 comfortable and cozy rooms, distributed In 23 standard rooms with private bathrooms with views to our lush gardens, and 14 spacious cabins with balcony and its own bathroom with a beautiful panoramic view to the Coter Lake, the Arenal Volcano and Lake. It also offers a restaurant, bar, fireplace, fame area and TV room. Eco-Lodge offers a unique Ecoadventure Center in Costa Rica, with many exciting outdoor and naturalist activities such as, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, sport fishing, kayaking, and the famous Canopy Tour.

Arenal Paraíso Hotel: Located in the northern region of our country, here you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere with the best view of the majestic Arenal Volcano. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the rainforest with its great variety of exotic plants, animals and birds of tremendous beauty. This is a wonderful place to rest and enjoy nature. Facilities: All Rooms Include Private Bath With Hot Water, Refrigerator, Cable TV, Telephone, Fan, Porch With View Of The Volcano. The Superior Rooms Additionally Offer A/C. Restaurant, Swimming Pools (Including Hot Springs), Wet Bar, Jacuzzi, Laundry Service, Meeting Room, Natural Trails, Horseback Riding.

DeLucia Inn: Warm, cozy and rustic, De Lucia Inn will make you feel at home. This is a small family-run hotel, which allows it to offer very personalized service. It’s located in the heart of Monteverde’s cloud forest reserves. Guests can enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds it. The Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena Reserve, world-famous for their biodiversity, are only a short drive away. Facilities: The hotel has 12 comfortable rooms with wood finishes. Each room has a queen-size and twin bed, and a private bath with hot water. The hotel’s restaurant is known as one of the best places to enjoy a great meal in a comfortable, spacious environment. It has an outdoor area. The hotel is just a five-minute walk from the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens.

Flamingo Beach Hotel: Located in the town of Flamingo, the Flamingo Beach Resort is on one of the most distinguished white-sand beaches in the well-known resort area of Guanacaste. Facilities: There are 91 comfortable rooms, 8 of which are suites with an ocean view, one is a Presidential Suite and one is a Honeymoon Suite. 40 rooms are standard and 40 have a pool view. Every room has two double beds, private balcony, air conditioning, refrigerator, safe, telephone, satellite TV, and hair dryer.

The suites with the ocean view have two double beds with a living room, sofa bed, kitchen equipped for six with a microwave, cooking utensils, and plenty of room to comfortably lounge. The Presidential Suite has a small gathering room and a private garden while the Honeymoon Suite is specially decorated for a romantic honeymoon with a Jacuzzi and beach access. Some of the standard rooms have a mountain view while the others have a pool view. The hotel has a pool with a bar and a covered pool for children. It has an open-air bar and café, an air-conditioned covered restaurant, shops, exercise room, and gathering rooms.

-----------------Call "Best World Travel"- (847)291-6500 and ask Natalie

This is a self-guided tour (not escorted). The clients will have a Daihatsu Bego (manual) 4WD during their stay.* Costa Rica tours are operated by Swiss Travel Service. The order of the activities at Eco-Lodge can vary without previous notice. Vegetarian or special meals can be prepared if you inform us in advance. Physical conditions are important to us; this is why if a client has a specific problem, let us know in order to help the right way. Please be informed that the clients must be at the Daniel Oduber International Airport 3 hours before their departure time in order to check and aboard their international flight. *Advise all the drivers to bring their original and valid driver's license as well as their passports. All drivers must be over 21 years old. Due to the car rental policy, all drivers must bring their personal credit cards, in order to rent the cars. Mandatory deposit for each car is $750.00. Mandatory insurance for each car is $18.00 per day. Car insurances are not included, however you can take (as an optional insurance) the full coverage directly with the car rental. Fuel is not included. Departure Taxes NOT Included. Entrance fees to National Parks are not included.

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