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So what’s the best way to snack to save your skin?

Eating certain foods containing antioxidants, will help to fight free radical damage caused by the sun

Apple Vacations: 45 years in the US travel market, more than 3,000 charter flights annually into Mexico and Caribbean. 10 resort areas in Mexico, 15 Caribbean and 6 Hawaiian Islands.

Although the soft US economy has been tough on many American tour operators, Sandy Babin, Vice President of Marketing of Apple Vacations is optimistic as Apple gears up for 2015-2016. “There is pent-up demand and people still want and need vacations at fair prices, ” said Babin.

Costa Rica: Apple Vacations Tours - part 1

Explore the rainforest, go hiking, white water rafting, zip lining, kayaking or lounge at the pool. Your options are endless.

Arenal Volcano - Must See Tour

Apple Vacations's: the most popular tours - 3 Nights Arenal Volcano and 4 Nights Arenal & Monteverde - part 2

Drive Costa Rica. Jeep Tour

7 Night Fly and Drive - This is a self guided tour. A rep will be at Airport, waiting to meet you and will bring a Daihatsu BEGO 4WD that you will use for a total of 7 days traveling Costa Rica...

Apple Vacations: 1969 - 2009

Apple Vacations has been fulfilling vacationers’ dreams for over 40 years. With Apple Vacations, you’ll enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping. From the best beach resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii, to spectacular ski resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada, to European city stays, Apple Vacations has it all!

Royal Caribbean
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