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MEXICO: 35 million in 2019


Cirque du Soleil Makes Entry Into Riviera Maya

Claudette Covey
Photo by Ed Schipul

A 600-seat theater that is currently being built in Mexican Riviera

Jose Ramirez Santoyo: the more Mexico info the better

Some people say that the End of the World could coincide with the winter solstice on December 21...

The man who crashed Mayan Code

Russian scientist Yuri Konorozov crashed Mayan code in 1954 and now we know that the End of the World will be December 2012...

Swimming With Whale Sharks!

by Ali Gerakaris

They have no interest in eating YOU

Are you ready for the Dolphin's ride ?

They will conquer your heart before you even get into the water. They will give you a handshake, kisses and will pull you with their dorsal tows to give you a speed ride! After that, the dolphins will push your feet to raise you up the water surface, you will feel like flying!

Royal Caribbean

Secrets The Vine, NIZUC Resort & Spa and Fiesta Americana Coral Beach will host The Wine and Food Fest 2014

More than 25 events will take place within these hotels

Cancun – Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival

Special guest of honor, superstar Chef Ferran Adrià from Spain presides over this annual gastronomic festival...

Save Jaguar !

photos: Michael Ossipovskiy

The jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas, with adult males of the larger subspecies (e.g. Panthera onca paraguayensis) that may exceed 300 lbs.

Los Cabos - golf, fishing, celebrities

Here, at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, land ends and the Sea of Cortez wrestles with Pacific Ocean.


Cozumel - a Mexican heart...with a Caribbean soul

Just twelve miles off the Yucatan coast lies the island paradise of Cozumel. Its waters so clear, its coral reefs so spectacular, famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau called it the "best diving area in the world".

Puerto Vallarta - fiesta till the dawn

Open-air cafés, chic boutiques and modern art galleries line the vibrant seafront Malecón. Mountains tower above the glistening sea and golden beaches, while lush jungles surround the quaint village.

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