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Are you ready for the Dolphin's ride ?

Dolphin Royal Swim® Pure excitement: action and speed! Dolphin Discovery

Have you ever dreamed about swimming with dolphins in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea? Today you can make your dreams come true! The Dolphin Royal Swim ® program, is better defined with the words “action” and “speed”. Is the most dynamic of all the swim with dolphins programs, and this time, Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras, will give you an experience to talk about for the rest of your life with family and friends.

In the beautiful complex of Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya, a few minutes from Playa del Carmen, one of our incredible dolphinariums is located in a totally natural environment. You will find interesting aquatic activities with these tender animals that seem to know you already. While you walk by the pier, you will notice them following you, waiting for their playtime.

They will conquer your heart before you even get into the water. They will give you a handshake, kisses and will pull you with their dorsal tows to give you a speed ride! After that, the dolphins will push your feet to raise you up the water surface, you will feel like flying! Today you are alive, feel the freedom and magic of dolphins! After your incredible program Dolphin Royal Swim ® you will be able to enjoy Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras facilities, in the Riviera Maya, only 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

Adults: US$ 149

Children: US$ 149 (ages 8-11)

Schedules: Daily Times: 09:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM

* Schedules subject to availability

Behaviors: Foot push - Dorsal Tow - Kiss - Handshake 

- Free time with the dolphins  - Comparative Table

Dolphin Discovery


This swim with dolphins program in the Riviera Maya includes transportation from Riviera hotels to Puerto Aventuras Marina. Also includes the popular Foot Push, where you will feel all the strength of your dolphin friends while they take you for a ride pushing your feet and raising you up through the water surface. You will feel like flying!

During your Dolphin Royal Swim ® program you will be able to enjoy the Dorsal Tow, where two dolphins will take you for an up speed ride while you wrap their dorsal fins. The dolphins will give you a handshake, hugs and kisses, they will sing and you will have free time to enjoy your new marine friends.




Dolphin's Discovery has four locations in Mexico:

1. Puerto Aventuras Riviera Maya;

2. Cozumel;

3. Canun - Isla Mujeres;

4. Vallarta - Pasific Coast

As well as in Hawaii, and Caribbean islands Tortola and Anguilla. 

Special Thanks to Paola Vigueras - "Dolphin Discovery" in Puerto Aventuras and Ged Kennedy of AMSTAR, Mexico


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